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Established in 1975, in Dubai-UAE, ABUGHAZALEH ABCO GROUP is one of the leading companies in the commodity import and export trading & commerce fields. Its expertise comprise industrial projects, turn-key projects, & tendering. Furthermore, ABCO GROUP is also leader in the event planning & management industry; catering this service in the GCC & globally.

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Why Choose Us

At ABCO we differentiate ourselves through following a strong moral compass with the focus in mind being the clients' needs.

Having been in the market for almost 50 years, handed us a chance to work with a wide array of organizations in the GCC area and mainly in UAE. Be it private firms or governmental institutions, earned us a competitive advantage through possessing the optimum credentials and expertise to satisfy clients' needs efficiently all at a timely manner. 


Our mission is to adhere to our values in all processes & operations. We also strive to retain customers simply by satisfying their needs through delivering superb products & services at the utmost convenience.


We picture our organization as being the ultimate choice for procurement, events management, & shipping in the GCC area.

Who is WCI

For well organized seminars and exhibitions, careful planning and attention to detail is essential. From selecting the venue, to coordinating logistics and ensuring a seamless experience for attendees, every aspect must be well thought out. 

WCI a subsidiary of ABCO GROUP, that assures you get a successful event or exhibition through its effective communication and collaboration with vendors, speakers, and other stakeholders. 

Additionally, we a offer you a distinctive experience through incorporating innovative technologies such as virtual event platforms that provides attendees more flexibility in participating. Moreover, we possess strong project management skills to manage your budgets, timelines, marketing efforts, and post-event evaluations which would ultimately contribute to the success of both your individual events and long-term company goals.

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You could message us through WhatsApp for your inquiries or for any questions.