Packaging Materials & Supplies

Ensure your product is attractive and eye-catching. Having the right packaging can not only make your product easier and more cost-effective to transport, but can have a positive impact on your overall sales. ABCO LLC is a total packaging solution provider in the local as well as international market for food and packaging industries. Whatever the specifics of your business, we will have a solution to suit.
With a dedication to affordability, we ensure that every business across the region can access quality packaging materials. Combining competitive rates and industry-leading punctuality and timeliness and a reputation for an unmatched quality of customer service, we ensure that your organisation is supported in every way.

Making an extensive range universally available

ABCO prides itself on the quality and breadth of our product offering, ensuring that every client can find a superior solution to meet their needs. We meet the needs of organisations ranging from small retailers to large manufacturers across the MENA Region, Africa, South East Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, providing a range of packaging supplies and materials.

Our range includes cardboard and corrugated fibreboard boxes, bubble wrap, cling wrap film, aluminium foil, masking tape plus other related products. Being one of the most experienced retail, industrial and food packaging companies in the region, we can provide custom solutions where necessary, so if your preferred product is not listed we encourage you to start a conversation with us.

Meeting every need

ABCO brings more than four decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries to every transaction, providing the peace of mind that comes from working with an accomplished team of professionals. Expect personal attention for your business at every step, ensuring optimal outcomes regardless of your specific goals.

Discuss your needs with an ABCO consultant today to find out how we could support you.