School Uniforms

One of the renowned school uniform suppliers in Dubai, ABCO provides high-quality uniforms for students and faculty members to uphold the identity of their organisation and their student body. We provide schools with uniforms that comply with the school’s standards, while ensuring comfort, practicality and durability. Our range of school uniforms covers all levels, including nursery, preschool, grade school and high school. We also supply to training centres and other educational institutions.

What makes ABCO one of Dubai’s top school uniform manufacturers & suppliers

Our team works closely with clients to make sure our solutions are the right fit for their needs, including quantity, quality, time frame and budget. This is our Business Made Personal strategy, which allows us to gain a complete understanding of each client’s needs and provide the best solution accordingly.

As such, school administrators looking for a proven and reliable uniform supplier can count on ABCO. We will assist your academic institution in achieving your objectives, while promoting community spirit, unity and safety through tailored uniforms for your students and staff.

For more than 40 years, we have worked with numerous companies and organisations. To date, we continue to deliver first-rate quality products, on-time fulfilment of requirements, and cost-effective prices, which all lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are equipped to meet the needs of schools within Dubai, UAE and abroad

We have a headquarters in Dubai Investment Park, as well as satellite offices in GCC countries and the MENA region. Our extensive international presence allows us to cater to various businesses and organisations, while ensuring our products and services remain competitive, reasonably priced and delivered right on time.

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Be one of our happy, satisfied and loyal clients. Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. Send your inquiry, comments or feedback via our online contact form, email us at, or call us on +971 4 8886574.